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        2019-08-13 14:54:14 來源:啟達教育網


        Unite 5 Do you want to a game show?


        (1)find out 查明,弄清

        (2)be ready to do 準備好做某事

        (3)dress up 裝扮,喬裝打扮

        (4)take sb`s place代替,替換

        (5)do a good job 干得好  

        (6)think of +名詞或動詞短語  認為….

        (7)game shows游戲節目

        (8)learn from向…學習從…..獲得

        (9)talk shows 脫口秀

        (10)soap opera肥皂劇

        (11)go on 發生

        (12)watch a movie觀看一場電影

        (13)one ofthe main reasons 最主要的原因之一

        (14)watch a sitcom觀看一部情景喜劇

        (15)action movies 動作電影 

        (16)come out 出版,發行

        (17)try one’s best 盡力,竭盡全力  

        (18)a pair of一雙,一對…

        (19)as famous as一樣著名

        (20)look like 看起來像

        (21)around the world 世界各地

        (22)have a discussion about…就…….討論

        (23)one day有一天

        (24)such as比如

        (25)a symbol of…..的象征 

        (26)something enjoyable令人愉快的東西

        (27)interesting information有趣的資料

        (28)happen to do sth.碰巧做某事

        (29)expect to do sth.盼望做某事  

        (30)TV shows 電視節目


        (1)What do you think of talk shows? I don’t mind them.

        (2)I hope to be a TV reporter one day. How about you?


        (1)let sb dosth. 讓某人做某事

        (2)plan to do sth.計劃做某事

        (3)hope to do sth. 希望做某事

        (4)mind doing sth 介意做某事

        (5)expect to do sth. 期待做某事

        (6)How(what)about doing…做某事怎么樣?

        (7)be always ready to do sth. 總是準備做某事

        (8)try one’s best to do sth.盡力做某事 

        (9)become +adj 變得…..

        (10)not so …..as 不像…那樣….;不如…..這么…

        (11)thank you for doing sth 謝謝你做某事

        Thank you for sth 謝謝你的……

        (12)love doing sth 喜愛做某事


        1.the other, the others, other, others,another

        the other 表示特指兩個或者兩部份中的另一個或另一部分,常用one …theother…。例:

        He has two apples, one is red, theotheris green.

        There are forty students in our class.twenty-one are girls, the othernineteen are boys.

        the others 特指某一范圍內的其他的(人或物),是the other的復數形式,相當于theother+復數名詞。theother + 復數名詞= anyother + 名詞單數。例:

        You two stay here, the othersgowith me.

        other 作代詞或形容詞,可修飾可數名詞單數或復數。

        We learn Chinese, Maths, English andother subjects.

        others 作代詞,泛指“其他的人或物”。例:

        Somestudents are doing homework, othersare talking loudly.

        another 泛指同類事物中的三者或三者以上的“另一個”,只能代替或修飾單數可數名詞。例:

        I don’t like this one. Please show meanother one.

        2.find out查明,弄清楚,find 找到

        Please find out when Mrs Green will goto Beijing.

        3. go on 發生,與take place 同義

        I wonder what was going on.

        4.happen v.發生,一般指偶然發生,主語為事,不能為人。

        Sth + happens to sb.

        Sth + happens + 地點/時間:某地/某時發生了某事

        Happen v,表示“碰巧”,主語可以是人,后常跟動詞不定式to,表示“碰巧……”.

        Sb + happens to do sth.

        I happened to see my uncle on thestreet.

        * take place 意為“發生,舉行,舉辦”,一般指非偶然性事件的“發生”,即這種事件的發生一定有某種原因或事先的安排。例:

        Great changes have taken place inChina.

        The meeting will take place nextFriday.

        5.expect v. 期待,盼望,預期,后常接四種結構:

        1)expect + 名詞/代詞,期待某事/某人,預計……可能發生。

        I’m expecting Li Lin’s letter.

        2)expect to do sth. 預計做某事

        Lily expects to come back next week.

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