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        高中英語作文—我的姐姐 My Elder Sister

        2018-10-11 09:51:36 來源:啟達教育網

        In my generation, most children are the only child in their family, because of the government policy. But it is not my situation. In my hometown, a lot of children have brothers and sisters. I have a sister, who is two years older than me. We are the classic sisters that we always have arguments, but when I am in trouble, she will be the first one to help me. I remembered that I forgot to bring the textbook one day and I felt so worried. My sister knew my trouble. She went to other class and asked her friend to borrow her a textbook. Finally, my problem solved. So no matter what kind of problem we argue, we won’t be angry at each other for long. I love my sister and I am so happy that we grow up together.