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        高中英語作文—網絡游戲課程 The Class of Online Games

        2019-07-08 14:29:34 來源:啟達教育網

        A lot of young people like to play computer games. The online game market is so booming that many advanced games have been developed to meet the needs of the people who is good at challenging the grade. During recent years, the industry of online games competition attracts the young generation to work on. Many young people take it as career and they earn a lot of money. So some schools has open the major to teach students how to play online games. Surely it arises discussion. Some people believe that the career of playing online games is ridiculous and only the bad kids will do it. Other people argue that the industry of online game is the future, which is not just to play games, there are so many factors need to be involved in, such as how to find your group and sponsors. What's more, the competition always promotes other industries. I think it is the trend to accept new things.